How To Obtain A Marijuana Card For Medical Use In Ohio?

Tealeaf is here to help you through the steps required to get a medical marijuana card in the state of Ohio if that is something that interests you. Be careful to follow our instructions relevant to Ohio, since each state that allows medicinal usage has its program and collection of rules.

Make sure you satisfy all of the following prerequisites before beginning the application process for medicinal marijuana in the state of Ohio:

  • Should be 18 years old, or a minor accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • An Ohio citizen or legal resident who can provide proof of residence.
  • A diagnosis from a doctor who is certified to participate in the Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program and who has signed off on the patient’s application for medical marijuana.

Step 1: Make An Appointment With An Approved Ohio Physician

Pay a visit to a doctor who is recognized by Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program to get certified as having one of the severe medical conditions that allow for the use of medical cannabis. Your doctor will submit your evidence of residence and create a profile for you in the program’s Patient & Caregiver Registry.

If you do not have a valid ID issued by Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles with your current Ohio address on it, you are required to produce three of the other kinds of identification in addition to the ones listed above. On the website of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, you’ll find a list of the papers that are appropriate for use.

Step 2: Establish A Password For Your Registry

As soon as you have been accepted in the program, you will be sent an activation email that contains a link to your online portal that is located on the website of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. This URL will be live for the next ninety days after it is sent, but each user will only be able to access it once. Following the clicking of the link, you will be requested to establish a password for your register.

As soon as you can go into your online patient portal, you will be responsible for checking the following information to ensure that it is accurate:

  • Full name
  • Birth date and time
  • Residential address
  • The phone number that is accurate and valid

Because this information will be accessible and evaluated on every visit to the Ohio dispensary, ensuring that it is accurate is highly essential.

Step 3: Submit The Fee For Your Registration

To make use of your medical cannabis card, you will be required to pay the registration cost of $50. This may be accomplished through use of your patient portal.

Step 4: Obtain Your Identity Document

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy is not issuing physical medical cannabis cards at this time. After you have paid the registration cost, you will be able to print the card and then start going to dispensaries to get your medicine.

Step 5: Your Very First Stop At The Dispensary

You are free to visit any Ohio dispensary that is state-licensed as soon as you have your legal medical cannabis card in your possession.