Top Tips On Making A Compelling Google Ads Campaign For Improving ROI

Google dominates the marketing world today. The older ways of promotions and marketing are rapidly being replaced by online marketing tools especially since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic which has made billions confined to the territories of their homes. Hence, they all rely on online marketplaces to shop, get services, and get their work done.

Statistically, Google has a 75% of the market share in the United States and drives 90% of the prospects from paid promotional activities. While it sounds fun to get seen on the top of Google search results, it requires a lot of dedication, the input of time and efforts, and certain skills to reach that level and attain sufficient numbers of conversions to keep your business in operation.

For new players, learning the skills involved in Google Adwords management can be quite tricky. Taking help from local ad agencies such as Australian Internet Marketing is your best bet if you want to get success in this marketing platform. It is a team of advertising specialists certified by Google with over a decade’s experience in helping business owners reach their target audience. This company is based in Sydney and their expertise can make a successful ad campaign for you even at a low budget to start with.

Top tips to make a successful Google ad

  1. Keyword matching:
  • For a particular product or service, create 3-4 ad groups for 3-4 different keywords.
  • Correctly match the ad group with the keyword as not doing so could give you lower performance from your ad campaign.

2. Learn from your competitor’s strategies:

  • Your ads structure should be a goal driver. If you want to promote a product for sales, your ad should reflect that product entirely.
  • Use keywords from the top end of the funnel to target a specific audience.

3. Align your goals with your target audience:

  • Your ads structure should be a goal driver. If you want to promote a product for sales, your ad should reflect that product entirely.
  • Use keywords from the top end of the funnel to target a specific audience.

4. Landing page optimization:

  • Never use the homepage of your website as the landing page for your ad campaign.
  • Keep the focus of the landing page around the service or the product mentioned in your ad.

Make a different landing page for different ad offers

5. Define your target audience:

  • You can define and redefine your audience based on their geographical locations, interests, demographics, and behaviors.
  • See which set of the audience shows the maximum conversion rates and target this audience group with a profitable keyword for best results.

6. Bid optimization:

  • Set up a conversion tracking system in your Google Account.
  • This will help to measure the conversions and bids at the keyword level.
  • Measure the conversion rate with this tracker and determine the maximum CPC for a specific keyword.
  • Determine your budget for conversion and see if a particular keyword can give you a profitable conversion rate by doing simple maths.

7. Use A/B testing:

  • It is a very critical component of Google ads campaigns.
  • A/B test can be performed on multiple features of your ad campaigns such as Ad copy, Ad bid, Landing page, targeting, and a lot more.
  • Always keep the tests running to gather data continuously. This will help you in analyzing your strong and weak points.
  • Work on improving your performance and therefore, increase your chances of getting a better ROI.

8. Focus on the offer that appeals to your target audience:

  • This single element if planned correctly can drive your entire competitor’s traffic to your site.
  • Make the offer compelling, something that your competitors are not giving to their customers, and something that can add real-time value to their experiences.
  • Some examples of a good offer are free product samples, money-back guarantees, gifts, or special discounts.

Optimization of Google’s ads and managing an ads account is not a one-time process. It is, however, a journey that requires consistent attention and efforts and of course continuous learning on its course. Make it a habit and keep reaping the rewards that it brings.