Combine Face Yoga With CBD Oil To Look And Feel Younger

We will all age one day. Wrinkles and grey hair will become a part of our life. However, that does not mean that we cannot age gracefully. Although we cannot prevent ageing symptoms from occurring altogether, we can take steps to slower down the process and have a smoother skin even when we hit a certain age.

We can practice certain healthy habits in our routine to keep our skin supple and smoother and postpone the development of fine lines and wrinkles to some extent. Some of the routine habits that we must follow are:

  • Avoiding UV rays exposure by the use of effective sunscreens, sun protection hats and gears.
  • Drinking a lot of water and minimizing the use of sodas and alcohol.
  • Including anti-oxidants rich fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet.
  • Spending 10 minutes every day to stretch our face and neck muscles and performing face yoga.
  • Using natural products such as CBD oil and creams to make use of its anti-ageing properties.

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CBD and its role in preventing appearance of wrinkles

CBD exerts its anti ageing properties in the following ways:

  • It relieves stress which in turn prevents skin from stretching a lot that is the common reason behind early appearance of wrinkles.
  • Again, in the absence of stress and anxiety; your hormones are more in balance preventing early skin changes.
  • You tend to sleep better with CBD consumption that keeps your body and skin refreshed, making it appear younger for much longer.
  • CBD has anti inflammatory properties that prevent sagging of skin.
  • The pain relieving properties of CBD helps you with frequents pains that accompanies growing age, thus, helping you in exercising better which in turn makes you look younger.
  • CBD promotes absorption of nutrients and boosts collagen production which is essential for retaining moisture and strength in the skin tissue.

5 face yoga postures to prevent wrinkle formation

When combined with CBD, these face yoga postures can greatly enhance the youthful look of your skin:

  • Holding the expression of a surprised face and then releasing it. Repeat this expression for 5-6 times every day to eliminate 11 stubborn lines between your eyebrows.
  • Gently pressing the center of forehead and moving it towards the temple helps in reducing forehead wrinkles.
  • Puff out your cheeks, hold, release, and repeat.
  • Lift your chin upwards and stick out your tongue. Hold this posture for a few seconds and release.
  • Make a sideways kissing face and hold it for a few seconds and then repeat the action 5 more times.

Overall CBD helps you in feeling better about yourself. When you feel better and are free from anxiety, you tend to exercise more and indulge in better self care activities. A combination of all these factors makes you look younger and your skin feel a lot smoother, supple, and wrinkle free.