Understanding Administration of CBD to Dog

Cannabidiol is usually referred to as CBD. It is a bio chemically derived compound, which is extracted from industrial hemp plant, referred to as Sativa. Thanks to its plethora of benefits its popularity has taken a new turn. Not only humans, but also these are used for dogs. This is because dogs almost have the same endocannabinoid receptors as humans, but a little shorter. CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system to produce positive health benefits and improve your overall health.

What is CBD gummies for dog and how to use it?

CBD administration to dogs can be quite challenging when it comes to daily usage. Let us check few ways how we can use CBD for dogs

Placing the product directly in the mouth

This is one of the easiest and best methods to give CBD to your dog. Direct placement is always ideal because you are giving the exact dosage needed for your dog. Most importantly CBD products are rightly dosed and give instantaneous desired results within few weeks. You must measure the number of drops you are giving to your dog daily. You can increase the dosage based on inflammation and severity of the health condition, age, size, daily diet and weight.

You must draw the oil very smoothly because your dog should not gag while you are doing it. Gagging will reduce the effectiveness of the CBD oil. Slowly squeeze in the dropper and wait for the next drop until they swallow it completely. Since the taste is not great you must give them a treat after that. This will ensure they will take it everyday based on their conditioned reflex action.

Mixing CBD with food

Dogs love food and mixing the CBD oil in food or with their favourite meal will be the best. Also, you must consider how frequently your dog clears the bowls. Therefore, you must divide the dosage accordingly. Also, the taste of CBD is not good, and it will get masked with the food. As per pet owners, mixing CBD with dry food has been effective because the taste goes unnoticed.

Mostly wet foods will give out a strong aroma and it may go to a complete waste. In case, your dog loves wet foods and you need to mix CBD in that only, make sure you administer it frequently throughout the day in small dosages. Always add it in small dosage and soak the food in CBD oil for some time before giving it to your dog.

Mixing CBD with tasty food

Every pet owner treats their dogs at some point of the day. Therefore, mixing CBD with treat is the best thing to do. You can easily mix it with peanut butter, but make sure you start with small dosage. Otherwise since dogs have strong sense of smell and taste, they can reject the treat instantly.

Give CBD treats

There are CBD treats for dogs available in the market. These are little costly because it is a proper blend of tasty food and CBD. This is a great option to start including CBD in the daily diet of your dog. Not only your dog loves it, but also starts getting accustomed to it within no time.